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April 2015

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Let’s Talk Detox


Hey Bedheads!

It’s your friendly neighborhood (unqualified) health advisor back with more tips and tricks! First of all, I hope you’ve been able to incorporate our girl Lindsey’s health and fitness routines into your daily schedules and if not, check out her post here. Today I want to share with you some detox routines that I have adopted in the last few weeks. Diet and fitness goes a long way when it comes to getting your bikini bodies summer ready, however detoxification will help to clean out toxins and bad vibes that your body may be holding onto internally and externally. Continue Reading

Room Service, Sleep Away

Hit the Road Jack: Road Trip from DC to CO

Pikes Peak from Garden of the Gods

Pikes Peak from Garden of the Gods

Hi Bedheads! I’m finally settled back into a semi-normal routine – sorry for my absence on the blog! I never officially talked about the road trip I went on last week, but I made it back in once piece and it was a great success. The reason behind my trip was to help relocate my brother from Germantown, MD (just outside of Washington, D.C.) to Colorado Springs, CO. I have never driven across the country before so I had absolutely no idea what to expect, all I wanted was to see a handful of cities I’ve never been to and do some serious adventuring and hiking. Below is my experience on the road and at each of the stops we made along the way.

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